1. Is the Fake Address illegal?

Of course the Fake Address is legitimate. We just generate this information randomly in the correct format or in valid syntax. Now I'll explain some of the principles of information generated. All information is not infringing on the rights of any person or institution.


City,state,postal code:These cities and states are real, and these cities and states contain all the cities and states of the United States. The cities and zip codes are matched.


2. Where can this information be used?

* The new website or software needs to test the performance of the program, which is the main purpose of our website

*  You may need a fake address, or an alias, in your book, novel, or article

*  You don't want your information to be leaked online, so use another complete set of generated fake information

* You need to be a foreigner when you register some sites as a foreigner

* Other things that are not against the law